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Our Pre-Kinder Room caters for children aged 3 years to 4 years with up to 22 children being cared for by two Primary Educators each day. Your child will spend their learning time in a large room with flexible floor plan, allowing themselves and the Educators to collaboratively design the layout of the play space to suit their needs and interests.


Our Dining Room allows for greater freedom for the children to eat when they are ready and allows them to socialise with the Kinder children throughout the day. Children will be given opportunities to express their individuality and gain the skills necessary for becoming ready to attend kindergarten with older children, and then primary school.


The large indoor play space is complimented by connecting undercover area and direct access to the playground, which supports the flexible indoor/outdoor routines implemented at the centre.


Many projects, based on the children’s interests and knowledge, will develop throughout the year to provide your child with opportunities to engage in activities such as role play, storytelling, painting and other visual arts and crafts, music, game play, drawing and writing, puzzles and problem solving, experimenting, climbing, digging, and running; the learning possibilities are endless.


Everyday routines and experiences are used as a catalyst for developing your child’s early literacy and numeracy awareness and understanding. The Educators encourage children to express their creativity and develop confidence in their identity.


Educators work in partnership with your child to support and extend their ideas and learning abilities. The social nature of Pre-Kinder allows your child to work together with other children to negotiate and reach common goals, to develop communication skills and to explore the benefits and expectations of social life.


Appreciation of cultural diversity features strongly throughout the educational curriculum as children share their life experiences and learn about those of their peers and Educators.