Nursery 2

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Nursery 2


Our Nursery Two room caters for children aged 1 to 2 with up to 16 children being cared for by four primary educators each day. Our Nursery two room join with the Toddler children for outdoor play with a variety of play experiences provided under our wide verandas and within our open spaces.


The Nursery programs are characterised by play-based learning and education opportunities centred on your child’s individual routine. Educators will work with you and your family to provide care routines as similar as possible to those they would otherwise experience in the home environment.


Throughout the year your child will go on a journey of learning and discovery through the senses. They will extend their social awareness, forming relationships with their Educators and peers, with opportunities to connect with siblings in social settings, if they also attend the centre.


Experiences typical of our Nurseries include opportunities to manipulate and explore materials such as musical instruments, paper, paint, sand, and water, as well as dancing, singing, storytelling and puppetry, role play using dolls, kitchens, dress-ups and tools and problem solving using pop-up toys and obstacle courses.