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Our Junior Room caters for children 3 years to 4 years with up to 22 children being cared for by two Primary Educators each day.


The Junior Room features a connected veranda area and playground that support the flexible indoor outdoor routines implemented at the centre.


Throughout the year your Junior child will be given many opportunities to refine the skills and knowledge they have, and develop new ways of learning, thinking, and doing things. Children will be encouraged to express their individuality and personal preferences while also developing their social awareness and feeling of belonging to the group.


Many educational projects, based on your child’s interests, will develop throughout the year that will provide them with opportunities to engage in learning activities such as role play, painting and other visual arts and crafts, music, game play, drawing and writing, puzzles and problem solving, experimenting, climbing, and running; the possibilities are endless.


Everyday routines and educational experiences are used as a catalyst for developing children’s literacy and numeracy awareness and understanding.