Health & Nutrition

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Health & Nutrition


At Wyndham Early Learning, we are passionate about educating and introducing the children to all aspects of health, nutrition and wellbeing. Learning about a healthy lifestyle assists children to build confidence in themselves and have a sense of wellbeing that can be carried with them into their adult life.


Our aim is to provide children with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the nutritional needs for the healthy foods in their diet. By using age appropriate teacher strategies, we will learn about and sample a variety of healthy choice foods from all major food groups.


Children from a very young age need to move their bodies physically and remain active to assist with the development of muscles, movement, spatial awareness and balance. We will provide the children from all age groups individually designed lesson plans to focus on all aspects of physical development based on their age and abilities.


To have an overall sense of wellbeing it is important to ensure we enjoy times of mindfulness, relaxation and rest. The children will have regular opportunities to try out child friendly meditation, yoga and relaxation stories.


Establishing good patterns of healthy eating and an active lifestyle at a young age allows children to become more responsible for their own health and wellbeing now and later in life.